Hidaayat : Instruction

Hidaayat : Instruction

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My lands are crying, my soil feels violated.

You sowed the seeds you wanted

And now you refuse to reap the harvest.

So instruct the harvest not to rot away slowly,

But to uproot away in one quick motion

For it will hurt the soil a little less.

The land wasn't yours to be left impressions on,

Yet you still went on leaving imprints behind.

Now tell the prints not to fade away over time,

But to grow outlines and add more definition,

For it will dignify the soil a little more.

Constructions of any kind were prohibited to be done,

But there are walls here with your name scribbled on it.

If you may then please direct the walls not to gain pride,

But to fall one brick at a time,

For it will ease the soil a great deal.

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