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Khushi Mohunta

Abstract Inspirational


Khushi Mohunta

Abstract Inspirational

Heroism - A New Lease

Heroism - A New Lease

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We learn from our mankind every single day

That brotherhood means fostering each other and sisterhood means being a shoulder

Against the cliché aspects of rationalised thinkings or hues of mindsets

We play, yet we wait

That mankind means creating history

And womankind implies reaping and fertilising those who are ought to create history

But... in that blooming we tend to forget,

Forget the owes, forget the vows

That not only favour the woman and worship

And preach the womankind, the womanhood in her

But also segregates her

The one you once called impure

Now stands the purest

The one you call or may have called filthy

Is in fact the limpid of all

And now what's more is

She rules

She dominates

She guides

She motivates

She nurses

She works

She stands up shattering all the hurdles

Now 'inferiority complex' has a new name

Yet a new holder

Be it a man only

The once patriarchal society

Rises to be a 'matriarchal' one


Any questions still left?

We don't rule, we fuel

We fuel the empty stomachs

We don't dominate, we nominate

We nominate the hidden talent in you

We don't work, well-salaried or leave-off jobs

We work countless un-paid yet un-thanked and finer skilled blue-collar jobs

Despite all your white-collar ones.

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