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Kavita Yadav



Kavita Yadav


Vagina Bleeds Pure Red!!

Vagina Bleeds Pure Red!!

2 mins

"Let me bleed"

As I am buried in deep

In all red sea

Inch by inch

Lessons of my life begin

When everything starts to pin

Long, short, bright, dark

Even dresses coloured white

It was all in all my fight

Everything has been differentiated,

In my part nothing appreciated

"Oh" dumb shit nothing fits

Looking around 

Found no single sound

Girls around menstruation,

Lots and lots of frustration

My home seems pure red,

My food is red

And drink pure red

Everything n everywhere

It was great, so all red

The sudden grief all young girls feel

It'll make you go insane

Takes you and go dancing in the rain,

I am dear nameless dummy

Of my dear mummy

Carried but funeral tears

Here after matriculation

It's all in certain circulations

Here begins an anatomy lesson

Leaning into things

With base without passion

Infused with feminist politics

Flowers blooming from your fingertips

Twenty eight days of every month

Or in case twenty three days

War begins in other few days

It's all about pure red

Over On my bed

When you deal with it again and again

Well that makes you your own warrior

By become your carrier.

I may surprise

People bleed as much they would die

But if I bleed over n over I won't die

A trickle turned downpour of radiated blood

Now drowning in a storm

That yields a PMS flood

It made me think

Back to when I was young

By not wearing any pink

I don't appreciate

Bleeding for five days straight

Flow so straight I wanna die

At the silliest thing I start to cry

But I have no motivation

Golly don't have mensuration

I paint my town red

For a week

Every month of my life

Still I rise up to the world,

Like flying, chirping bird

To speak up dream of my life

As I am goddess of My own world

Thank you god for everything being red

For this I feel me an amazing person,

In the world of realisation

Blood is magic 

Blood is holy

Beautiful and even faithful

When it bleeds

It takes me in deep calmness indeed

It shows me that who I am?

Explorer of the world

Who gives birth to spark in the dark

Unspoken but still there

Running through unstoppable

Giving sensations to my Vagina

From New Jersey to Carolina

I become lioness

Beyond all kindness

Purest secret that God gifted

It still hurts but the pain has shifted.

I am the day

I am the dark

Small fragnances 

Even in jerks

I am the way that 

Who you are?

Let me bleed

My Vagina pure bleed

In its own speed

In all its motion

Which cure of all wounds

Like life's magical potion.

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