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Khushi Mohunta

Abstract Tragedy


Khushi Mohunta

Abstract Tragedy

A Hand That's A Magic Wand

A Hand That's A Magic Wand

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Dedicated to all the Doctors and Military Arsenals,

"Do you believe in angels?" They asked.

"Well, I believe in doctors." I grinned.

For ages, I've grown up;

Seeing doctors, their acts held me couped up.

Always rushing to the doctor when I got attacked,

By diseases or a pathogens stack.

For ages, I've grown up;

Learning how the military has always shown up.

If safe-homes are to the citizens, then terrorists and borders are to military,

But they have never been arbitrary.

Early in the morning, a scorchy summer afternoon,

Be it a holiday, a fine Sunday of theirs they doom.

Whether it is evening or night,

Every trouble of ours is their own fight.

Expecting no pay-back rights,

For us their infinite, countless nights.

They know no greed, no creed;

Religion, Caste, Colour, and Breed.

They will give you heed,

And cater to all your needs.

Still you can't abide by their single plead?

And, that too- 'Chill at home'!

Front line warriors are they,

Ensuring that we with our families safely stay.

Don't they have a family?

Or they don't have kids?

But, they know how to fix.

Always with a smile,

A grin of optimistic light.

Visible from far away miles.

They are putting in all their might.

So, that the entire world can witness a terror-free era's new sight,

After they burn their countless and sleepless nights.

Thank you, for all you have done and are doing. This can't be paid back in any kind.

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