Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Her Eyes

Her Eyes

3 mins

Eyes in human beings are the most creative and most beautiful thing in the world.

But her eyes were beyond beautiful

Her eyes were irrefutable

Her eyes were unimaginably creative

With colors innovative

My pulse got simulative

Seeing her eyes I became manipulative


Bold is the adjective you can give for her eyes even if you see from all sides of the cubicle

For her eyes, I can run one mile at a time till I tear my shoe buckle

When someone praises their eyes I go chuckle

As I always know that the best eyes award goes to my honey bunch

If anyone disagrees then they can taste my knockout punch


Her eyes have the best color

Pitch black pupil and Iris is Olive Green

She is becoming lean

I have known her since she was fourteen

She looks best in her dark blue jean

She drives a limousine

She is my queen

You go near her I will break your spleen

No one should be in between

The king and The Queen


Black and olive green eyes

Which has the ability to hypnotize

Her eyes are the best on that topic there is no compromise

Now I need some advice

She is an angel in disguise

About her, I want to advertise

Seeing her eyes I feel energized

Hope I don’t agonize

Because of my obsession with her eyes

Which I idealize

Hearing the unfortunate surprise

My life goes anticlockwise

My mind body and soul went to a state of paralyzing

Hearing the news my situation became jeopardize

It felt like my demise


After her; my life went downside

For months I lay on my bedside

A new life I got but I denied

There was nothing left to do other than suicide

I opened the drawer and saw her will

A will to donate her money and body part afterlife

I felt bad for how I had led a useless life

I stood there holding a knife

She taught me what was life

My body shivered and I heard her voices

I changed my mind and I knew I had choices

I knew my honey bunch would want me to live on

I picked myself up and moved to Ceylon


As years passed I adopted a beautiful baby girl

Whose smile shines my life like a beautiful pearl

My baby girl could not see when she was born

I wanted to remove the hindrance from her life which was like a thorn

I took her to the hospital to diagnose

For her better tomorrow

I wanted her to see the best scenery first

So I took her to a meadow

Near my bungalow

“I want you to see this beautiful world first,” I said

She took off the knot and turned to me and said

“You are my world Daddy!”

Tears ran down both of our cheeks

She signaled for a hug from me.

I ran to her like a little boy to give a hug

I kissed her on her forehead as I saw her Olive green eyes filled with tears

She has got my honey bunches’ eye color


Or is it the same set of eyes as my honey bunch??

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