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Gautam Prakash



Gautam Prakash


Girlfriend Nags

Girlfriend Nags

3 mins

Go to the gym big fat ass!

That's how she says it when she is angry.


Please go to the gym, look at yourself!

That's another way of how she says it.


Please go to the gym, your health is important to me.

That's the politest she gets on this topic.


The thing is she wants me to be a gym lover.

How can I be a gym lover when

I already I'm dating cheese burst pizzas and French fries.


If I start dating the gym then I would be cheating on the other two!

Oh lord have mercy on me!


My girlfriend always Nags me about the way I eat.

I'm a big time foodie.

I was born a foodie.

My mother used to say that when she had me

In her tummy, she used to eat thrice the times,

Than a normal pregnant lady; the reason being that,

I took a lot of her food too into my body when I was an unborn baby.


What to do?

I love food.

I love my baby too.

I love my baby more than my food.

But food is food.

My heart agrees that my baby is important.

But my stomach disagrees.


Let's assume that you give me 2 pills of destiny!

First pill (Blue color) I will get delicious food for life.

Second pill (Red Colour) I have the most beautiful and smart girl as my wife who never ages.


Want to guess what I would select?

I would select the blue pill and ask for one more blue pill as one pill

Would not be enough for my appetite as my love for food is

Like the river Amazon; humongous, eternal and non-stopping.


People say workout in the gym, it will create a difference they said,

I gained weight after going to the gym!

Why so?

It's because I work out like a normal person and started eating like an abnormal person.

Hitting the gym made me more hungry and I stated in taking calories more than I burn.


And don't even get me started about dieting!

Seriously? Dieting? What am I?

I'm not going to be a guy who does not enjoy the food mother nature has offered us.

Tonning, shaping up my body and dieting list basically punishing both my stomach and my mind; all this at what cost?

All this just to maintain an extra 5-10 years span of a healthy life.

I rather not live those extra years of life.

I just want to eat everything to my heart's content without any limitations.


It's not that I don't want to try and work out people.

It's just that my love for food is greater than any emotion I will ever have.


I stopped the machine; thought to myself “Crazy times”

I smiled as I kept the protein shake aside.

I stood in front of a large mirror; removed my shirt and clicked a picture.

I then Whatsapped the picture to my girl with a message.


Thanks to your nagging.

Love you…


Yes! I did it.

I did it for my girl!

So, there actually is one emotion which is far greater than any other emotion.


And that is



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