Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Happy Wedding

Happy Wedding

2 mins

A month ago I was engaged.

His hands touched mine and I was caged.

Our hearts rejoiced as we slid the ring in each other's finger,

We blushed as we exchanged long blushing linger.

Day before yesterday my whole body was rubbed with turmeric powder,

Taking his on call my friends cracked joke and laughed louder.

Yesterday my hands and legs were all covered with henna's paste,

I remembered making face and saying in childhood that it's just a waste.

My hands were filled with heavy red bangles,

In front I saw every relations twisted tangles.

Seeing his only enemy in a heavy embroidery dressed as a bride,

My mother silently smiled and cried.

Purple orchid and white lilies the stage seemed not less than a fairyland,

Smilingly we both exchanged rose garland.

Mumma said,"seems like an angel just carried from heaven ",

I promised to keep every promise when we both took round number seven.

My father broke down as he gave my hand to him forever,

And I was married with a red certificate on my forehead in hope to fade never.

With tears my family hugged me as likr I was the only suspicious thing,

Advised me to be the best queen of my new kingdom and king.

I didn't wanted to leave them,

But I had to because it's nature's game.

My father made me sit beside him in the car and gave many forehead kisses,

He asked my husband to take care of me and my wishes.

As the car took up the speed I turned back I bade them goodbye,

I realized being helpless not doing anything and I asked why?

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