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The Scotch-Irish Viking

Tragedy Inspirational Others


The Scotch-Irish Viking

Tragedy Inspirational Others

Fighting For Our Innocence

Fighting For Our Innocence

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The desire for the flesh

that I despise.

The trap they have put

before our eyes.

Millions fall victim,

to their lies.

Into the lust,

must be baptized.

Stimulating complex systems...

Promote their promiscuity.

Exploit the natural constant rythm.

Add more skism to our sexuality.

What does it take to make blind

people listen, hear what the hashtag

in braille has to say.

Sex is the drug for a spiritually sick

nation. They put their own children

on display.

I'm tired of the doctrine In the

philosophy we practice today.

Everyone's a slave to the corporate

demons of decay.

Promoting constant sexual content,

the corporate American way.

Infidelity is what they're selling you and

me. It's how the elitist's play.

Manipulate our D.N.A.

Genetic alteration's o.k.

Playing God with human clay.

From a natural state, we stray.

Abomination. False elation, the

sensation, just won't last.

Desecration, Of a nation.

Masturbation, Pimp that ass.

The Industry is your master

now get on your knees.

I'll bet you'll take it faster

for a few more twenties.

Sell your body to the creeps

that walk the streets today.

They'll devour your innocence

just like meat, then throw your

ass away.

Your only use, appease their lust.

Sexual Abuse. In lawyers they trust.

There is no excuse, yet they cover it up.

Don't be obtuse, I ain't making this up.

They'll indoctrinate your children

just as soon as your back is turned.

Exonerate the lust that's burnin',

Back room bargains while the court

is adjurned.

They'll put a monetary figure on the

crimes against the soul.

They make their profits bigger,

no one's held accountable.

Taint the written word to justify

their sin and teach the lie.

Write the tainted obsurdity, that

sympathizes with the lust filled eye.

Shred the moral fabric as they

strip our molested bodies down.

Just another tragic story, turn the

channel, turn down the sound.

Maybe if we ignore it,

It'll eventually go away.

As long as it doesn't affect you or me,

we can look the other way.

The invisible bubble of pretense,

won't exempt you from attack.

The system that we live in takes,

but never gives anything back.

I know I've had a lot to say, and

yet, I haven't said enough.

I hope you're hit with the words I've

sprayed, I need you to be tough.

Think real hard about what's been

said, and stand up for what's right.

We wouldn't have to mourn our dead,

and children would be safe at night.

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