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The Scotch-Irish Viking



The Scotch-Irish Viking


Some People...

Some People...

2 mins 308 2 mins 308

Everyone's a gangster.

Everyone's a thug.

Everyone's high,

Everybody's on drugs.

Everyone's a critic.

Everybody's a star.

All the babes wanna

Ride in my Cadillac car.

Everyone laughs

When people fall down.

Everyone's afraid of

The tears of a clown.

Some want to control, but

Can't control themselves.

Others go for gold to

Put up on a trophy shelf.

Some are getting old

In the eyes of the youth.

Just do what you're told,

Pay no attention to the truth.

Everyone's armed,

Everybody's a target.

Don't be alarmed,

If I'm feeling lethargic.

Everyone's a pusher,

We all got opinions.

Everyone's an usher when

We work with Satan's minions.

Everyone's a mannequin,

All attached to strings.

Just go ask poor Anakin,

What the dark side brings.

Everyone's an actor,

All jailbirds know the law.

Everyone's got training wheels,

They're too afraid to fall.

Some folks work too hard,

And some don't work enough.

Haters push the racist card,

Lovers do it in the buff.

Everyone's a smart ass,

Yet so many are dumb.

People think they're free,

Yet they're under the thumb.

Some march in the rat race,

Some beat their own drum.

I ain't trying to catch a case

Of smoke up my bumm.

Everyone's a doctor when

I'm feeling kinda sick.

I'd feel a whole lot better if

Y'all get off my dick.

Everyone wants something,

Some even feed on blood.

I see a lot of people acting

Funny around my neighbourhood.

A lot of folks are haters, and

A lot of queers are gay.

There's just too much bullshit,

We're just products of society.

Everyone's got demons that

They battle in their lives.

Sometimes they're our children,

Sometimes they are our wives.

Some folks will never see the

Truth, they're happier with lies.

Most know not to shit where you eat,

Some hang out where the crap draws flies.

Dumb folks are blissfully ignorant.

Smart criminals are a contradiction.

Some folks go on a poetic rant, to

Point out self-administered affliction.

Some people's ears will never listen,

Some people's tongues are weapons.

Some people's mouth, ya wanna put

Your fist in, so full of themselves like

A zeppelin.

Some of our leaders are bought off.

Politics led by the Federal Reserve.

Some lock down the world because

Of a cough,

Some people get what they deserve.

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