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Shubhangi Kotwal

Abstract Inspirational Children


Shubhangi Kotwal

Abstract Inspirational Children



2 mins


Not less than today's Super Markets and

Malls where you can find all things

It was a reflection of our Indian culture too

People seen in colorfull dress ups

A happy occasion for villagers where all

Old age, youth, children became a

Part of this Fair and have enjoyed always!


A mirror of Indian culture now rare to

Find a great opportunity for hidden talent

Unusual art and entertainers is missing

Children used to enjoy ride of merri go

Round and different games to play there

It was very cheaper too, no taxes.


Group of people seen in colourful dresses

like Yellow, red, green, purple, blue all

And looks like celebrating festival of fair

Many fairs are for a day, for a week or

Even more than that and connected with

Spiritual , festivals, nàture themes so all

Required things avilable in fairs!!


A place where even poorest person can

Afford to buy things like clothes, bangles,

Earings, all artificial ornaments, utensils

Handicraft and handloom items and many

Small beautiful pieces for home decoration

That usually not seen in regular markets!


Beneficial for small sellers and people

Many times, due to lots of crowd kids

Getting lost in crowd so father would make

Them sit on their shoulder and also to get

A better view of fair, as children are more

Fascinated and enthusiastic about fairs !!


Village fairs where all are invited , no entry

Fees and no restrictions all people from all

Caste and creed gathering at one place and

Become a meeting and greeting place with

Each other, all are equal, no differenciation

Lots of varities of food and sweets freshly

Made there and people eating and enjoying

With families and friends and children!!


A place where artists and magicians

Showing their talents and magics and

Groups giving social message by small

Plays and on even mythological stories

Paintings and handmade, handicraft art

Shown live and small girls walking on the

Rope and showing balancing act like circus!!


Fairs should not get disappeared and

Vanished with the modernisation and

Cultural mix as Fair are the reflection of

Our culture and our society and that is

How the art and talent get preserved !!

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