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Expectations Never End

Expectations Never End

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In the world out I went and found,

The rising expectations which can never be bound,

Hope for want more than the deed,

To satisfy the desires can be called the greed,

The fight for marks or a rank,

The fight for friends or a prank,

Want a bungalow or a plane,

Fast bikes roaring on the lane,

Some want partners and fun by some,

Life’s even difficult without beer can or rum,

Some want job to be rich,

And some just say “Life’s a b**ch”,

Some want fame before they burn to ash,

Some turn back to the problems to show their ass,

Some want a happy family and some stop recession,

Desires even rise to make a growing nation,

Some want girls by their attitudes to step in a hotel ,

And some put down their morale to step in a brothel,

Some say they have just stuck in life,

And I wanna say, What the f**k is life??

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