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The Scotch-Irish Viking

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The Scotch-Irish Viking

Inspirational Others

Era Of Decay

Era Of Decay

2 mins 237 2 mins 237

A reluctant thought.

A sporadic action.

Everything that's taught...

Leads to a reaction.

Recruits that are sought,

Follow the attraction.

A philosophy that's bought,

Create your own faction.

Charismatic fishing hooks

For followers in the fray.

Can't see between the black

And white stuck within the grey.

Finally ready for the fight,

When the bell rang yesterday.

You better fight with all your might,

For your children's right to live today.

Indoctrinating complacent minds,

The wolves in sheepskin that you follow.

Ignoring that the lie will find what

Leaves us dead and hollow.

Contorting all the truth, decline

Of the moral compass, we used to follow.

They seem to have the bait that

All the masses want to swallow.

The Culling is coming,

Will you be prepared?

When the shit goes down,

Will you stand there and stare.

Have you been asleep,

Or are you aware?

America stored her treasure up,

In the Red Dragon's lair.

Or do you even care, what comes

And what goes.

Can you see the hypocrisy,

Beyond your Pinocchio nose.

When there's too much animosity,

Innocent blood always flows.

You better go and wake up

Everyone that you know.

It's time for us to grow, before

The root finally dies.

Don't buy tickets for a show,

That portrays nothing but ignorant lies.

For those that they think they owe,

Allegiance to those that are in disguise.

This is how the story goes,

This chapter shows, our final demise.

If you're wise, you'll hear the words

That I can only form in the text.

I wish that you can hear my voice...

My heart, as I write these words, is complex.

I want so much for people to finally

Heal from our brutal history.

It doesn't matter who you are,

You are something special to me.

I long for peace, but not just for me,

I'm tired of the negative, demonic plan. 

It's hard to be an empath, it hurts

So deep.

I want you all to understand.

The seeds that are sown, are what

We reap,

The product of the will of man.

You should practice what you preach,

And then go teach what you can.

Karma is the energy, that corrects

The balance, when the scales are tipped.

I'm a Libra, and I know that life is

A chapter in a nonstop trip.

We gotta put our heads together,

If we're gonna come out of this mess.

Don't be full of fear, there's too many

Things We The People need to address.

What the hell is happening to our

Children because of all this hate.

I guess I'm on a rant because I

Don't see any logic in these kids today.

Confusion and delusion is the course

Of a dead-end future, I see.

Illusion and collision is the way of

Our Democracy.

If we don't find an absolution,

To the problems of today...

There's no way, we'll make it

Through this Era of Decay.

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