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Shivi Srivastava



Shivi Srivastava


Everything Just Depends On "the State Of Mind"

Everything Just Depends On "the State Of Mind"

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When I heard you that you want to quit, I believe I heard you right,

I knew you were about to leave me and I was not in the state to fight.

The world never stays the same, people ought to change,

And there is nothing we can do because we believe at times, that there was nothing in our range.

We think We cry, and We try to forget,

But you know what - whatever happens, everything has already been set.

Everything has been decided for you and you are expected to respond in a peaceful manner,

Even if someone dumbs you, who cares - you know god is there for you and he is actually your whole life's planner.

Trust him to that level that even if everything goes wrong you don't lose your faith,

Promise to yourself that you will not stop remembering him till your last breath.

"My life is a disaster, my life is a mess"

Those words will just demotivate you and will definitely hurt you more or less.

Even if someone hurts you and tries to bring you down,

Just remember, You are the queen and king of your life, On your head, you have your peaceful crown.

Happy days are always and that you just need to create,

You just do the good deeds and rest, leave on the fate.

I know sometimes it gets difficult to judge what is wrong, what is right?

And definitely I agree with you that it is actually hard to decide.

See, God is just like the CCTV, who always keeps an eye on you,

Just think how he'll feel when he sees you abusing, mocking, and not thinking of what other person goes through.

Let us thank him for everything, for staying with us in our high and low,

Forgive everyone with no reason and that's how you actually grow.

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