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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


Just Promise Yourself Once

Just Promise Yourself Once

2 mins

Life is roller coaster ride it has its ups and downs

but that does not mean you stop relishing the ride

What we can do is Just Promise Ourselves

And then enjoy this fantastic and wonderful ride.

Just promise yourself, not to let your spirits down even when things do not work in your favour,

Let not the doubts of fear stop you from attempting one more time.

Let nothing could disturb your peace of mind you need to make sure even amid darkness

You hold on to the spirit of positivity that lightens the tunnel in your life.

Just promise yourself, not to get trapped in the vicious cycle of self -doubt

Always remember You are your super-hero of your kind, maybe without a cape

Do not give up on yourself so easily you never know someone out there

May be looking up to you for inspiration, don't take away their source of hope.

Just promise yourself to embrace the failure too and treat it as a stepping stone to success,

Do not let the storm of failure affect your journey of success.

Failure often precedes success; you always need to believe in it and give your best in whatever you attempt in your life.

And then you would be blessed to see the colours of the success brightening your life.

Just promise yourself not to give up on your dreams, no matter how small or big it is

Give your best to it and experience the blissful feeling of letting it come true.

Last but not the least promise yourself, let nothing in your life take away that smile from your face

And at the same time work towards being the reason for someone's smile.

Find the purpose of your life and enjoy this adventurous and beautiful ride.

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