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Sunit dighe

Abstract Inspirational Others


Sunit dighe

Abstract Inspirational Others

Challenges turn into Opportunities

Challenges turn into Opportunities

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The Daily Stuff, the news we hear,

Lots of Boredom, lots of Fear.

The Pandemic, that the whole world is suffering,

Is what like a challenge we should acknowledge to.

The Time you include makes it an opportunity for you,

Which people currently are trying to dive into.

The care you take,

Is the good for you,

But the time says to forage your’ s True.

Think and act actively to turn this challenge in an opportunity for you.

Lockdown days passing by,

No more people to make up your mood,

Every day passes just as soon,

To end up the day by a passing moon.

This dreadful routine is like a challenge to you,

Can’t you think as a new opportunity for you.

Forget the pandemic,

Be yourself,

Truly think of your fitness and health.

Not only mention these little things,

Focus the greed in the dreams of you,

Note it up what it brings for you.

Students, be careful not to be possessed by games,

Take them as a relaxation for your brain.

Take care of your body and read out things.

Take a little care of your academics thou,

Because the schools still, appear to be closed.

Take this challenge as an opportunity you see,

Take this up by helping your mom,

In further little things.

The best way to get your brain relaxed.

Spend your day as a normal routine,

Play some games as a formal relax.

Work out your day by a fantastic mood.

Take out your challenge as an optimizing relax.

Rest your body to build up a new peaceful day.

Call up your and tell them “Have a nice day”.

Acknowledge your wisdom,

Test out yourself onsite.

Intake your over-dreading challenges to a next level,

Be clever, acknowledge loyalty,

Take your time and make it your fabulous opportunity

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