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Rimpi Bhatia



Rimpi Bhatia


Almighty sees what no one does

Almighty sees what no one does

2 mins 7 2 mins 7


You got power..

You got position..

You got money..

You make decisions



Are scared of you..

They see you..

In awe..


Look up to you..


Make you God



Enjoying the attention..


You start believing..

That you are the one..

Running those lives..


You starting thinking that..

You, yourself are probably God


You forget that..

The Almighty is only ONE..

Oh but..

The demons are many..

You forget this too..

As you gradually become one



Drowned in your own world..

You call shots..

You play those games..

You draw storms..

You fan those flames


Smiling and laughing..

All the way..

And enjoying..

All the getting away


Alas, you don’t realize..

That very old saying..

What you sow, so shall you reap..

You just sit pretty..

On that self-made heap


You call it throne..

The king-size one..

And as you sit..

Onto it..

The thorns in it..

Which you yourself picked..

They all now..

Begin to prick


You get up in anguish..

You want to run..

But you soon realize..

You created the chains..

That you just can’t shun



You got to sit now..

On that thorny throne..

Caged in chains..

Of your own making..

And enjoy the damn show


Show, you find..

Had suddenly changed..

That background with sun..

Turned into a gloomy one


Ah, no power..

No money..

No position..

Now works..


In payback time..

You know..

It’s only payback that works


You always thought..

You had the last word..

You simply forgot..

God has a better sword


Just look back in time..

In your own spell..

People who rose..

And how they fell..

Despite there being..

All the power, position..

And money to count..

They just lost..

Being God’s own



When God makes you..

The chosen one..

Don’t forget..

From where you came..

Don’t forget..

To be grateful to Him..

Don’t forget..

To be good to all..

And bad to none


For heaven and hell..


For this body to tell..

You experience them both..

In this very world


The energy you give..

Boomerangs to you..

The sooner you know..

The better you grow



Good luck folks..

Just be good..

Be righteous..

Be kind..

Even when no one sees.


Almighty hears..

What no one hears..

Almighty sees..

What no one does

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