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Rimpi Bhatia



Rimpi Bhatia


That Beautiful Thing Called You

That Beautiful Thing Called You

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She said..

One day..

I’ll be happy

Until then?

I asked..

Why not today?

Why not right away?

I wondered..

Who is stopping you?

I questioned

And then I pondered..

Why is happiness a butterfly?

Which keeps eluding us..

Why is it not the bird in hand?

Why do we still seek the two in bush?

Why do we need to run after happiness?

Is it always moving?

Always on the go..

Always in a hurry to evade us..

Always making excuses to avoid us

Or is it just still..

Sitting quietly..

Right there..


Smiling at us..

With open arms..

For us to notice it..

For us to see it..

For us to pick it..

For us to lift it..

For us to hold it..

Embrace it..

And hug it tight

Or even better..

It’s not lying..

Somewhere here or there..

It’s simply residing..

Within us..

With us..

In us

But we don’t look at it..

In fact..

We ignore it..

We avoid it..

We shun it..

We even take it for granted..

And then

We keep seeking it..

Keep searching it..


All over the place

Coz happiness, you see

It’s not really big..

Rather it’s way too small..

Is it thus..

That it’s missed so easily

And it resides in small things..


In that glass of chilled water..

In that hot afternoon..

Or a gush of fresh air..

As you walk in the moon..

In that flower that blooms..

In that cloud that roars..

In those droplets of rains

It resides..

In my kids’ smiles..

In my mom’s simple talks..

In my dad’s प्यार भरी फटकार..

In my sister’s message..

In my brother’s call..

In my brother in law’s concern..

In my bhabhi’s हाथ का खाना

In that photo frame..

In that compliment in office..

In that appreciative look..

From a stranger..

In these words that I write today..

Or songs that I sing some day..

In these likes and comments..

From friends like you..

That I carefully keep collecting..

And cherishing

Don’t these things bring us smile?

Don’t these things matter?

Aren’t these things precious enough?

Even if they are small and scattered..

Take my word for it..

And trust me..

These are the things.. 

That actually matter..

These are the things..

That really matter



Be happy..

Just be happy..

Simply be happy..

Plain vanilla happy..


For nothing..


With everything..


Not depending on anything..


Not because of anything..


Not due to something..



Your happiness is afterall..

Your own creation..

Create it..


Live it..


Breathe it..


Sense it..


Acknowledge it..


And see it happening

It’s happening..

Right here..

Right now..

Within that beautiful being called YOU

Now would you mind saying..


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