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Pranav Kava



Pranav Kava


Do Something

Do Something

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O brave soldiers of the country,

Follow that path,

With a torch of sacrifice,

Run-on the path of truth,

As a bird of freedom,

Learn to fly to the country

Those who die on the outskirts of the country,

Live by remembering him,

Who is living for us,

Who are dying for us,

Shout tears in his memory,

Being the pride of the motherland,

By sacrificing his life for the country,

Live by his feelings,

Sacrificing one’s life,

As a messenger of peace for the country,

Learn to sacrifice something for the country,

We will never repay the favor,

This earth in his blood,

Think of the soil of the country like blood,

Going to be immolation in the name of the country,

Those who make directions by choosing the path of the martyr,

Shit and walk in that direction,

Laughing, shedding blood,

Made the country's frontier strong,

By smiling bring forward the picture of the country,

Every moment, every situation, every rhythm,

Hey brave men of India,

Share unity.

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