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Discover The Unexplored !

Discover The Unexplored !

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Paths yet to be explored.

Door yet to be unlocked.

Kite yet to be flown.

A dream yet to be known.

River yet to know its direction.

Sun's radiance yet to cover every dimension.

Sky yet to be painted.

Moonlight yet to be fainted.

Wind yet to flow.

Stars yet to glow.

Snow yet to spread its chill.

Dark forest yet to unroll its thrill.

Birds yet to take their flight.

Rain yet to fall from infinite height.

Canvas awaits to be adorned.

Relations yet to be formed.

Trees yet to rustle.

We still engrossed in our own hustle.

Several things left behind to be explored.

Surroundings yet to be adored.

Let us decorate this world.

And listen what is still left unheard.

Let's be the season's guest.

And just leave out all the rest …

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