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Men With Golden Chest

Men With Golden Chest

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Armed force men died in a bunker blaze.

News flash, hence, they received praise.

Now, they finally got attention.

Wars like Kargil, had them mention.

Either a mission, or a conflict.

And yes, when their chest gets ripped.

Under the rain of blood and sweat.

Their eyes and ears, await for another threat.

Yet, another fight, look they won it.

But isn't it, this is where they fit?

Praising them once on 15th august or 26th January.

Mercy and kindness showers are momentary.

As, this is their job.

Which is what, they are already paid for.

All their sleepless nights, endless fights,

they stand strong upholding our nation's pride.

They just leave their homes and never look back.

Can't even moan, just focus for the next attack.

But no one is there to save them.

Their own rescuer, during mayhem.

Military conscription is never imposed,

Just a way of life, which they will never oppose.

As I lay on my bed, safe and sound.

Armed forces fight for us, in the battleground.

Standing strong whether it rains or freezes to cold.

With heart of courage and chest of gold.

Our knights in shining armor, the one with golden chest.

A country with best armed forces, and yes we are truly blessed.

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