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Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger

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Dear stranger,

Love isn’t what you say it is;

Learn life lessons,

From one you once knew;

Learn life lessons,

From people giving you a cue.

Today, strangers we are,

Once married two kids, we bear.

Learn life lessons,

From one you once knew;

Learn life lessons,

From people teaching you a few.

Dear stranger,

What happens overnight isn’t love-

It’s compromise 

What happens at sight isn’t love-

It’s lust.

What happens after a coffee isn’t love-

It’s infatuation.

What happens after work isn’t love-

It’s convenience.

Dear Stranger,

The girl who you called  ‘ugly’

Was in love.

Dear Stranger,

The girl you called ‘fat’

was immensely loved.

Dear Stranger,

The boy you called ‘a pretty face’

Once, broke your acne heart

Has a couple of degrees

While in search, for a girl who went 

“Oh boy, oh my gosh, u LoOkiNg kayoot”

So let’s see if he got what he sowed.

Dear Stranger,

Love isn’t what you say it is.

Don’t belittle the purity;

Don’t belittle its serenity.

Don’t pretend your expertise;

Don’t pretend you don’t advertise.

Don’t make it obscene

Don’t make it bleed

Keep it clean. 

Don’t term it chaotic

And in turn, justify it to be poetic 

It is what it is 

Different yet indifferent 

It’s generic yet specific 

It’s beautiful by itself for it only highlights the ugliness around

It shows how many aren’t right for you,

While you pretend to look for the one you could call, your beau. 

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