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Raju Ganapathy



Raju Ganapathy


Cyclic Verse

Cyclic Verse

1 min 17 1 min 17

Pedalling my way in life on a cycle

Body like a dynamo charging my mind, not trifle 

Triggering the creative bulb that starts lighting

Words from the pages of lexicon alighting

I seat them on a verse with cohesion

They adhere to rhythm and reason.

I turn surprisingly into a tree laid road

For the inhabitants, it is a heavenly abode 

Verdant road makes me go green with envy

As I take leave of the road I find my heart quite heavy.

I enter into a traffic junction that works like a maze

Scurried like a rat trapped, but escape I did with a brave face

A bit of an uphill, my mind can’t keep still

Now on a downhill, the breeze on my face, chill.

Calories burnt, poetry written I am sated

Day is over, dusk falling, I feel elated.

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