Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.



3 mins

I looked at her and gently smiled.

"I'm back, my love. Your iridescence

in black and white."

She took a step back, slowly killing me inside.

Have I been so wrong that she had to hide?

Have I gone too far that she's grown tired of staying in touch?

Have I gone too long that I've changed so much?

Did all her love for my fall to demise?

I don't seem to realize what was going on.

What's behind her dreary eyes?

Where have all their colors gone?

Now, I'm right here.

But things are just not like the way they used to be before.

I begged her to take me back and wept until my eyes went sore.

With all lost hope, I sat down beside her door, leaning my back against the cold, rigid wall.

Tilting my head left and right,

Shifting gazes to recall.

Still dumbfounded, left with no clue

All that it is left are regrets that I sue.

My silent thoughts were interrupted by a thud.

I thought she was fine without me, but being 'fine' was a dud.

I felt that something was wrong so I broke down her windows and watch as the glass shatters.

My knuckles, they bled

But to see her was all that matters

Silently sobbing, I wrapped her in my arm

The other, placed on her hand, an odd kind of charm.

I saw her lying weak on the cold floor, and so I said, "Here. I'm giving it back to you."

"The love you once gave me; a single pill of hope, in white and blue."

Which she responded with these words; "Nothing lasts forever, even life has its expiry date.

Let's just spend the time left together, and I hope it still isn't too late."

He took the pill in his mouth and kissed her passionately,

Giving her a bitter-sweet taste of love and tragedy.

She weakly smiled, responded to his kiss till she was out of breath,

Until she felt her body tire along with her heavy head

"One pill had gone, that kept you thriving,

Gave me only a minute to stall you from completely leaving."

I remembered she once told me that the last pill would stall her heart,

It would be the last thing to keep her alive even though we were apart.

So she gave the last one to me so that I'd find her and come back

So that I'd be the only one to be able to ease all the pain she couldn't anymore, hack

I just couldn't believe the cruel reality,

Asking "Why is it when I'm finally happy, the world takes the joy away from me?"

He bitterly smiled saying, "You'd once, always come by my door and wait for me.

Now you could only come to visit me in my doleful memory."

Rain streaked down from her lifeless pale face,

As he engulfed her in a tear-soaked embrace.

And even though, he wanted her to stay

She too needed to go in a place, far away

He mourned with the moon,

Aches have sunken with the sun

She faded too soon, as his life's colors run.

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