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Sharique Jamal

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational


Sharique Jamal

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational

Birds, Bees and Leaves..

Birds, Bees and Leaves..

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Birds, Bees and Leaves...

Come Sping, and Nature

Gets a makeover,

A new raiment, a muti hues uniform,

The eternal promise, of life

Coming into its own.

The swirling, floating, on a bubble of air,

The brown leaves, falls in symphony,

Exhausting all that it had, 

The green of youth, the tinge of auburn,

It litters the path, with ecstatic sleep.

The young green leaves, smiles in wonder,

As the tree flowers again,

With distant yet occasional guests,

The birds and bees, promoting life,

And a promise always kept,

Of endless and timeless flow,

The circle of life.

I lie in rapture, on the grass,

Watching the leaves, falling on my shoulder,

Every moment, every second,

Nature teaches invaluable lesson,

For the open minds and innocent souls,

A sudden burst of pleasure fills my soul,

As if the celebration, of Lord and Spring,

Flows through me, a rapture so intoxicating,

That in numbness I smile,

A deep peace, a profound message,

In waves, awakens and soothes me,

As I lie in dream and see,

Myself floating down with the leaves.

Lady Spring passes by,

A magical wonder of eternal time,

Making love to the new, bidding adieu to one's exhausted,

No serendipity, nothing by chance,

A season which with precision,

Upholds a coming of life,

No tears falls , only bliss fills,

All hearts which drinks from the hemlock,

Of the fountain of love and enchanted,

A song of dusk and dawn,

Born anew each day, 

As seasons in unison marches by,

The dream catcher put all the seasons,

In his bag, and walked away,

To come back again,

When the magic, surreal and dream like,

Awakens again.

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