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Sharique Jamal



Sharique Jamal


An Echo in the Wild..

An Echo in the Wild..

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An Echo in the Wild..

I lay on the grass, in pensive mood,

Soaking the smell and sound of wilderness,

An undefined bliss fills the soul,

Of connecting with Nature and God.

The mighty Himalayas in the backdrop,

Deep ravines on both side of me,

Scrub forest leading to dense ones,

I lie on a grassy patch,

Never before have I felt more alive,

Than the joy of my echo,

Resonating my name amongst the hills,

How trivial and small my problem seems,

As in pensive mood I dwell upon my inner eye.

Cheetal, sambhars, peafowl,

Partridges, Blue Jays, deers,

All flock in abundance,

With scarce thought of any fear,

The cycle of life they knew well,

And my company they accepted with grace.

A bohemian spirits draws me to hills always,

To drink the intoxication of fresh air,

And the breeze with rapture of ecstasy brims,

From the cauldron of life's timeless dream.

The barking of a deer, the restlessness of monkeys,

The big cat is on the move,

The sentinel are the first to alert,

Yet I look at the beauty of the tiger,

Flawless glowing orange skin,

Moving in a confident rhythm,

I fear not nor they are aware of me,

For like a feral child,

I am one of them, my home, my journey,

From first echo to last, the wild and the free.

Weather changes fast, rains come down,

Pouring and drenching to the bone,

With banshee like shrieking wind,

The chill of Himalayan air, 

Invigorates and intoxicated me,

As I lay, under the protection of a tree,

And fall asleep like a child, knowing

The guardians and keepers of the wild,

Shall lift me in my dreams, to a celestial high.

The cicadas have started calling,

The night when the forest comes alive,

I open my eyes to see a fairy dancing,

And elves marching in tandem,

Within a hollow old tree,

I smile, was I dreaming or awake,

In wilderness I care not,

For home was I finally,

The echo gave me an answer,

Deep sleep, engulf you,

Lay your problems to the wind,

You are one of us,

Awaken to a timeless rapture,

And dance with the rhythm of the forest.

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