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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Kshitij Vatsa



Kshitij Vatsa


The Empty Bench

The Empty Bench

2 mins 191 2 mins 191

Amidst all the chaos, I have around me,

There is a feeling of void.

Void which can only be filled by you.

There was a bench which I always saw,

From our terrace, it always looked raw.

Thought of sitting together always came to my exquisite mind,

Watching stars together was one of a kind.

Forget the stars, I get scared now by thinking about the bench,

What Life has done to us, is a sudden wrench.

All your memories create a time-lapse in my head, take it to my heart, make me cry.

Don’t be sad, wherever you go I will stay there forever with my eyes all dry.

I just let go of my tears to hide the pain,

It doesn’t matter now if I get wet in the rain.

Life is going to be tough,

And there will be no one who will guide me to be rough.

I will be strong, like a pillar, shower me with strength like you always did.

This was a shock, I was not ready for,

But my love, I will not disappoint you neither in my world nor in yours.

People around try to console me, I don't let them, because I know you will come to me on some lonely night,

To love me and hug me tight.

We will sit together on that Bench and watch the stars, which is pending since long.

It would be cherry on the cake, If you could sing my favorite song.

Moments which were planned, can never be done,

will try to accomplish each one of them with every rising sun.

You loved my Coffee, come… lets drink the last cup sitting together on that bench,

Making life count every second as my eyes get fully drenched.

Destiny played,

You went… I stayed.

I and this bench will wait for you till eternity,

With positive hope in our heart and certainty.

PS: This is for all the strong ladies out there whose partner lost their life someway or the other and left them all alone. Respect for all these women, as this is one of the most difficult thing to do. I have tried to do justice to the feeling but I know I cant even reach close enough to the pain they go through day In day Out. Cheers to all the women who live happily and carry love for their beloved partner even after they are long gone, hiding it from the world.

You all make us proud! 

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