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Shubhangi Kotwal



Shubhangi Kotwal


Why Was She Like That ??

Why Was She Like That ??

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Why was she like that ????

A beautiful sensitive girl

Loved by all in the family,

grown-up in a huge joint family

Grandmom, parents, siblings

Uncle and aunty n cousins and

very dear friends and Neighbours

Sentimental for siblings and friends

She has always put them ahead of

Her, So loving and caring with no

Sense of selfishness but she always

had feelings and a generous heart.

Not born in a rich family but blessed

With happiness because she had own

People around which was her strength

Good in studies and fond of doing

Many things she has grown in age but

She could not leave her innocence

She experienced infatuation for boys

Attraction and crush and liking but

Could not understand her own wish

She could not Chose or get The

right man for a lifetime but still

She chose her career and family

Years passed, hopes and wishes

Still saved and deep in her heart

Remain unfulfilled still, she thinks

Good for all and keep smiling and

Setting goals to be achieved for

Future that she wanted for herself.

In this journey, she met good and

Bad friends but she is still same

Delicate, sensitive and well-wisher

Will she get answers and come out

Of such a confused state of emotions?

One fine day he will come into her

Life and will make her exactly the

way she wanted to be and make Her

feel good and special and take Away

the sadness, she has gone through

And will fulfill all her wishes and will

Make her happy and help her fulfill

All those dreams she has preserved

Only for herself and their future !!!!!!!

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