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Into 10 days of being confined and isolated

In my room (and also in my head ! );

I just keep one window open,

Though I have four of them intact, unbroken.

As the bewildering light enters straight certain;

I try to distort its path using a rugged curtain.

However, the light’s too stubborn and

Just demands to be seen – on that it’s very keen!

Lately, I just wait for dusk to hem in every morning.

For if you are where I am, you would know

How magical the sky looks - struggling with shades

As twilight mystically invades!

1:25 am – it’s all pitch dark with a violet confidential,

2:40 am – the violet hue gets just a little influential,

3:50 am – a lateral lilac turns out consequential.

4:55 am – I’m no longer looking, for it’s all bygone -

They have dwindled into an over optimistic dawn!

I realize I haven’t quite slept in a while and

Try some futile attempts at being a good sleeper.

I merely end up standing, waiting in the room

Made of broken mockingbirds –

Their wings throbbing into four blurred walls,

Leaving me unsure if I still need my sleep …

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