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kodanda rama

Abstract Drama Tragedy

Soliloquy Of A Caged Bird

Soliloquy Of A Caged Bird

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What I Told A Caged Bird:

I see what they think of you

A little avian that delights human mind

Do they not see? That their pleasure is a corollary of your pain.

You wonder how I understand?

Come see my world.

They fetter you with benevolence

Turned you into a showcase of spectacle

Deprived you of choice and filched your voice

You’re one of the few friends I have

But I want you to leave; go all out for freedom.

Freedom too has a silver lining

It comes at a cost, sometimes you may feel unwanted and lost

But when hope is hanging loose, try to find a way back in

These are your choices, choose a dart and make your mark.

What The Caged Bird Told Me

I like the person they want me to be

Then I realise it’s a version I can never be

They ask so much of me; I can’t upset them

All I do is sit in a cage and try to sing their song.

I made my choice, I broke out of the cage.

Breathing fortitude, I’m learning about life

I tried making friends, but I couldn’t figure out

Who is a friend and who is a sham.

So, I befriended silence.

Now I just sit alone.

Staring at the sky in the dark,

Counting stars and thinking about my story arc

Wishing life to be lot simpler than it is

I don't know why, is it just me?

I'm only a kid and this world feels too big for me.

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