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Bharath Kumar

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Bharath Kumar

Drama Inspirational Others

Ban Sedentary Lifestyle

Ban Sedentary Lifestyle

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Morning to evening, I sit in front of the computer

I forgot what does it mean by the word slumber

My eyes are always glued to the dangerous screen

The screen is what I have always seen

I forgot to speak, am I virtually dumb?

My whole body parts are getting numb

Cortisol level spikes every single day

My life has turned into a mess every single way

My mind is pushed into an anxious world

Mental pressure is the ruler of the terrible world

My job has made me averse to food

Banning food intake is not at all good

Before I fall sick permanently

I got to save my life swiftly

Why should we limit our life to a computer world?

When we can enjoy the existence of the outside world

Do not let the demons take over your mind

You will be lost in a place no one can find

Life is all about making it beautiful 

It is not about making it stressful

Happiness doesn't sprout in boring work

It does sprouts being passionate at work

When your body becomes inactive

Exercises help you to become active

We shall ban stinking sedentary lifestyle

And get acclimatized to a better, fun lifestyle

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