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Horror Tragedy



Horror Tragedy

Baby Isaac

Baby Isaac

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You came into our lives like an angel straight to heaven;

Bringing joy, love, and smiles twenty-four seven.

We were so proud of you at how quick you grew.

You had two teeth-ers, were holding your own bottle, and crawling before we knew.

You always grinned at us when with “stinky winkies” your diaper was filled.

You zoomed around our house so confident, at ease, and strong willed.

You were so smart you knew how to use your smile and your charms.

You said “pick me up” when you looked at us with very opened arms.

You were a little billy-goat because you tried to climb over our shoulders, and anything else at any opportunity.

Your chair, the toys and Tyler’s pictures were your chew victims; you had a wide variety.

Just like a little puppy you chewed and drooled, and drooled and chewed.

You were so cute opening your mouth wide at the airplane sound when we were giving you starter food.

Sweet baby your smile was so infectious it melted our very souls,

Warming up all our hearts like fiery hot coals.

We nicknamed you “Mister-Mister, Fussle-butt, Chompers, Curious George, Billy-goat, and Ike.”

You were so adorable and perfect that everyone who knew you; did like.

To the baby sitter you grinned at them and gave them a surprise.

A wonderful golden shower; you were aiming for their eyes.

When we talked to you would hit your legs in excitement and grinned from ear to ear.

And as you learned each new task you did it without any fear.

When it came time to change your diaper there was a lesson you wanted me to learn.

How to change your diaper while you did a 180 degree turn?

Isaac wonderful Isaac, your smell was innocent and pure

it will remain ingrained into our senses for eternity I’m sure.

We chuckled at you whenever you sucked on your big toe.

In your place up there in heaven they’re laughing already; we know.

You always seemed to know that special time to puke,

On Grandma’s shirt, or at your dedication ceremony, I am sure it was not a fluke.

You loved your big brother and played with him with sheer delight.

You smiled at everyone you saw, like a ray of heavenly light.

We don’t know the reason why God took you from us in such a short period of time.

Maybe heaven needed you more, to help the angels shine.

You were always extremely happy it was contagious and it enveloped everyone around.

It surrounded them, embraced them and filled them with happiness abound.

You’ll be so missed here on Earth it’s you we all did love.

I hope that you smile at us while you are above.

When God took you from us we felt terrified, sucked into a dark hole.

Like a vortex we felt trapped, our lives were spinning out of control.

We wish you were still here with us, as our hearts have been thoroughly crushed.

But God has taken you into his hands; your face; his fingers have brushed.

So gently, he will care for you, and place you with the angels that he trusts.

When we die you will run to us for your memory never rusts.

As you took your ride on an angel’s wings with the wind blowing through your curl;

I’m sure you giggled and smiled and made the angel’s happiness unfurl.

We had visions of the wonderful boy that we knew that you would be.

We will miss you and love you for all eternity.

We love you and miss you Isaac, thank you for blessing us with the best six months of our lives.

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