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Another Shot...

Another Shot...

1 min 621 1 min 621

When I stepped out of the room

After spilling my heart to that known stranger

My heart wandered everywhere

To find me...

The old hopeful me...

All it ended up getting

Were sleepless nights in that same room

Around the air, once we shared together

But I would never anymore!

Still, I close my eyes.

In this desperate month

With no leads except one

And exponentially decreasing savings

I receive a mail saying

"thank you for attending the interview.

However...." And I throw my phone away.

Picking it up, I click on "related jobs" 

The very next minute...

I have another interview next week.

5 am in the morning

I receive a Whatsapp from an unknown number

"you are cordially invited to witness the lovely alliance

Of..." Her name imprinted in gold

I'd give my heart to see her get married

To the boy, she loves and deserves

And also fit our caste but he doesn't.

I failed as an elder brother

In becoming a supportive son.

I drop her a message-"will be there gudiya"

No matter how failed your life 

Or your life choices turn out to be

Never ever fail in fixing it up

By giving it another chance

Cause in life nothing is screwed enough

To not be welded!

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