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vishal saxena



vishal saxena


An Eclipsed Night

An Eclipsed Night

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The sky was clear,

Birds were chirping without fear,

Cold breeze was enhancing sound to my ear,

I saw a gleaming girl near.

An elfin as innocent child,

A soothing wave drenched me in her melodious sound,

Her eyes were wild,

Her pleasant aroma was impossible to bound.

She makes me sleep by singing a ‘lory’,

In my dreams, I saw a true story,

In train prince met princess in this story,

Sparks of their meeting was adding the glory.

She came like an angel,

She made me deaf from music of her bangle,

She showed her love by imaginary jangle,

At last I realized she trapped me in a triangle.

For her happiness, I made sacrifice,

Sometimes I left breathing to make her feel nice,

In protecting her in night, I became the ice,

In return she kissed me twice.

Night passes in dreaming and day in roaming,

All I want is to stop breathing,

I taste my tears whenever I speak,

People still wonder how a geek turns into a freak.

When I opened my eyes,

Found myself near mountain in darkest sight,

Surrounded by wounded warriors who dies,

And they cry love is merely an eclipsed night.

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