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Fantasy Inspirational



Fantasy Inspirational

More Stars, More Me

More Stars, More Me

1 min 21 1 min 21

I want to fly,

Get the approach high;

Let you, puke in the sky.

Oh, love, come the way you are.

Let us, no worry for this pretty night,

Come forth and feel the star;

Everything, I sight, I think you might like.

For now I'm pleading;

To stop this heart from bleeding.

From their no tomorrow;

And from here forget all sorrow.

Ah, come the stars, I want to feel you,

'Cause from now I think, there is only you.

I don't want to sleep down by the skies,

'Cause there are only the shadows of lies;

With some crows wearing some fascinating ties.

Release this chains,

'Cause, I wanna feel the rain;

Like an underneath grain.

Get away this thing called loner,

Don't want to be more than a mourner.

I don't know how to tie my laces,

How to solve this so-called rigid cases?;

But I know how to run from the life's races.

'Cause, I've my own master dazzling stars;

So, I can wash away my dirty scars....

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