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Fantasy Others

Love Me, My Child

Love Me, My Child

1 min

Opium is injected

Into my child's brain!

Poor he thus forgot

To cry in a hunger pain,

To shiver in cold-

And to quench the thirst;

Even to dance in the rain.

He has lost his heart.

He just fights over

Some arbitrary map lines.

So many drops of

Blood and tear were shed

To make me independent!

To make my child-free;

To spread out his wings.

Alas! he got imprisoned

Inside the falsehood

Of separation-

And impatient violence.

He brutally kills,

Throttles and betrays

His own brothers and sisters-

For the sake of me.

He doesn't bother me!

He doesn't bother my insight,

My deep compassion

And truest concern

About my daughters and sons.

How can a mother

Be happy if her

Babies suffer so much from

The injustices

Done by the system?

If her daughter gets harassed-

And the son is corrupt,

How can a mother

Be happy and delighted?

I long for your love

My child in true sense!

I do long for your honest 

Attempt for being

A greater human;

An enlightened one as well,

So that you make out

True patriotism;

And make me proud of your act

And perseverance.

True patriotism-

Holds a nation together.

It is not the love 

For a piece of land-

Rather love my people;

And to realize-

My nobility.

Love me, my child, if you can!

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