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Raju Ganapathy


Age Doesn't Matter

Age Doesn't Matter

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It is all in the Age

Shakespeare said “All the world is a stage”

In which life according to Hindu dharma unfolds in 4 stage

I look back in life how did I manage

Through my memories I rummage

At times frontage but mostly backstage

Fun and frolic with friends in college

Came the life companionship in marriage

Life offers you everything in a single package

Take it or leave it, leaves you sometimes enrage(d)

Mellow down you shall with time passage

How you live, it doesn’t matter with age

It is all in the mind, says the Himalayan sage

Fear of old age, all have, better assuage

Live light and drop the old memories of baggage

Daily yoga keeps in condition your cartilage

Keep a diary and jot down things in every page

Attachment to things and people brings its own bondage

If you do, hurt you may get, keep ready some bandage.

Be ready to leave as does everyone in your last stage

This is the cycle of life and doesn’t require any presage.

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