A Wake Up Call !!

A Wake Up Call !!

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A web of questions create sensation,

After years of Independence in our nation…

Poverty-stricken slums on the roadside,

Depict their quietism and loss of rights;

The exponentially growing corruption,

Is in line with the trends of modernization;

The symbolic gestures like ‘yatras’ and ‘fasts’,

Now used as tools for popularity by the political class;

Loss of lives in hazards and accidents,

Yearn for active measures by the government;

The multi-religious, multi-racial country,

Questions for the loss of basic ‘Unity’;

The mind stunned and baffled,

With the thoughts and actions jumbled;

Such modern arena of mystery,

Remind us our glorious history !!

The heart pines for those selfless ‘icons’ of service,

Who left no stone unturned to give us peace;

It’s a wake-up call for young generation,

To alleviate poverty and curb corruption;

Lead India to the top rung on the ladder of success,

It’s then, time to celebrate our Real Independence!!

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