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Dr Vishnu Unnithan

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Dr Vishnu Unnithan

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

A Revenge Tinged Green

A Revenge Tinged Green

2 mins 186 2 mins 186

Through evolution, we earned the right, other organisms had to take flight.

The victory was still nascent, but we became complacent.

We misused our might and didn't respect the environment right.

Warnings we were issued multiple, unheeded, natural habitats were left gullible.

Struck a virus: origin unknown, it caused the catastrophe. Doom's shroud it had worn.

A pure mother wants to fashion an ideal son, admonishes till he corrects all he has undone.

Stepped up, angels, to protect, our ecosystem's rage they did manage to deflect.

Essential personnel, they worked tirelessly through hell.

Ores of valor, they mined, to make sure that all were fine.

With our attention diverted, nature healed. Emissions reduced, verdant green.

Species on the brink of extinction, this disaster delivered their benediction.

Worldwide, humanity rallied, errors learned, and realized.

Sustainable development became the new benchmark, the man was ready to return from the dark.

Scientists worked day and night: combat, anarchy, the carnage was no longer in sight.

We rose above our religious battles, mankind showed its mettle.

All the young and vulnerable, united in lockdowns, gracefully handled life with no frowns.

Earth became a family, lessons which shall never be forgotten easily.

A vibrant globe we would again create, never shall our morale abate.

And in this way, history was fashioned. Eons later, when this story will be told to advocate compassion,

The coming generation will remember their forefathers rectified their mistakes to bounce back in fashion.

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