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Mystery Of The Lost Flight
Mystery Of The Lost Flight

© Sahasyaa Adalarasan

Action Children Fantasy

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The story is about a man of age twenty five who had a mysterious adventure in his flight journey. He had a lot of luck in his journey. By his intelligence and sharpness he escapes the lost flight. The moral of this story is that we should be alert at all times.

“Flight 647 for Puerto Rico has arrived" said the loud mic in the airport in Beijing. I was busy talking to my mom on the phone so I didn't hear the sound. The flight was supposed to land in Puerto Rico, in another 20 hours or so. I had been carrying the small yellow suitcase with me for a year now. Then the check in happened; I had my boarding pass in my hand tightly because I lost one before a flight 2 years back in 1990. It read "Fernand Gabont, first class seat, food ordered worth $60, 10:00 A.M. flight, no special adjustments”. It took me ten to fifteen minutes to complete check in, but eventually got in. after ages, the flight started.

We had crossed India when a strange thing happened. The co-pilot said from his speaker, "We are thirty thousand feet ....... grrrrrr ....... help ....... help ...... ahhhhhhhhhh" Everyone was taken aback from this situation. Even the air-hostess was too afraid to go to the cockpit. I was so blank that I couldn't speak. But I gulped in between every ten seconds or so.

Couple of minutes since this incident, a man who looks like he eats five times a day, mustered courage but agreed to go only with someone else. Five minutes later a person agreed to go with him. Both of them went inside and found out that no one was there. Then many people went in (excluding me, of course) and found out that the pilots were dead and the flight has been put in auto-pilot.

Since I was a doctor I was curious to know the reason for the death. I walked in and found out nothing. The pilots looked like as if they died naturally. I didn't tell it to any of the passengers though, because they were already very scared.

But there was green slime near the communicating device. And there was no proof I could say that they died because of the choking of the slime. The weirdest and creepiest thing about this is that there was no one in there. Who could have possibly put slime in there? Who could have killed the pilots? So many question popped into my mind. Ten hours since this incident.

I almost slept until I heard faint gunshots. I thought it was the sound of the gunshots in the game a kid behind me was playing. Yes, it was that. I got so afraid that I wanted to use the restroom. I even tried to call my mother and father and tell them about this weird incident. But the signal was too poor and I failed to call them. I walked out of the restroom and I found out no one. I thought everyone was there in the cockpit but no one was there as well. The pilots disappeared, the green slime disappeared but the auto pilot was still switched on. Everyone's luggage was perfectly intact. I had no hope to be in the flight.

I used the rubber hammer which I use to check the knee injury of the patients to break the door and I jumped off the plane with the emergency parachute. Just seconds later I jumped of the plane, the plane exploded. I didn't dare to look back. I landed in the middle of the sea. I swam for miles and miles, days and nights, after many days suddenly saw a creature about 7 feet away from me.

It was a dolphin. I suddenly stopped and pretended to be a dead man like in the bear, two friends story, even though I knew that dolphins don't eat humans. It did not work out, it pounced on me like a lion on a mouse. But it didn't strike me, but my luggage. It wanted food and biscuits rather than human meat. I breathed once again. It then lifted me and sped fast. I wanted to stop it as it was performing crazy stunts, at the same time, I wanted to go to land as quick as possible.

About 2 hours later, even though I lost my food, money, and all my medical instruments, I bid the dolphin goodbye and left to search for humans as I wanted to be picked up. I eventually got a phone and called my mom and told her the entire story. It was the year 1993, I was amazed more than my mother seeing me and listening to my story. It has been a month since the flight had been lost.

I told the press about the entire story, no one seemed to believe me. But a few alien believers believed me though. Even my friends thought I was mentally retarded.

Few days later, I woke up at the yelling from a lot of people before my mom's house. It seems someone had installed a camera in the lost flight and the footage was found from the debris in the Atlantic Ocean. Now everyone believed my story. I was happy. I became famous. Although everyone didn't know who did it, the scientists were asked to look into this matter.

I was woken up by an air-hostess. We had landed in Puerto Rico. I had been sleeping for 10 hours because of the work I had last night. Oh boy! What a dream! I went to the arrival terminal and waited for my mom to pick me up. I also wanted to use the restroom so badly. After I came back from the restroom, my mom already was waiting for me. After hugging her, she said, “Fernand, there is green slime all over your shoulder. Wipe it off!!!

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