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The Connection
The Connection

© Charu Vashishtha Gulati


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"Do you realize that you are over twenty minutes late Kirti. What kept you after school?"

"Papa, it was my friend's birthday. She got us Icecreams from the vendor outside the school."

"Kirti, you cannot be like this. You have a mission. You simply cannot afford to waste time."

"But Papa, it would have been rude if I had refused my friend. In any case, it hardly took five to ten minutes."

"Don't provide excuses. We work so hard to provide you with the best education. And you simply don't respect us. You should accept your mistake and not answer back to us. This is not what obedient children do."

Kirti did not say anything. She held her head down while her parents went on with their tirade. She changed her school uniform and ate the hot and spicy dal chawal served by her mother. Next, she went to her study room to crack the practice problem set her father had composed for her last night.

Life was always like this for her. She didn't go out much but knew about life from the books. Books that her father hoarded from across the world. Books were something her father was never shy of spending money on. The other spendings were meticulous checked. For Kirti's parents, the only way they thought they could ensure their children's future was to make them academically qualified.

That was Kirti, a 12-year-old from a small town in the district of Kota where her father ran a moderately successful coaching center.

During the same, a 17-year-old Verna living in the metropolitan city of Mumbai gets into an argument with her Aunt.

"Why did not you bring Sejal to the family function ?"

 Remarks the tall and lean Verna. Her big eyes are animated and are also a participant in the discussion.

"Sejal has an important exam tomorrow," she replies to her aunt.

"Are we not important. Is spending time with extended family not important. Is the occasion not important ?"

" Yes, they are. But studies are no less important."

"Well, if it was so, why did Sejal not start her exam preparations early. She should have been able to manage the exam and would have attended the function as well."

Now the aunt was dumbfounded. She had no reply. Neither had she thought of such a use case.

Verna smiled and moved on to greet another relative.

Kirti and Verna, two girls from a different world were never to meet in the lifetime.

But they did.

Not only they met but shared their lives, albeit unwilling.

A strange Karmic connection got them together.  

And both are living their karmic retribution.

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