True Love Wins At Last

True Love Wins At Last

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 In the heart of the western Loss Angle, a fashion house’s large Open sign board glows like a beacon.



 Boss Leyland, a lost hearted man but a very established owner of fashion house not getting any younger ambles looks for candidate for his office and he has already crossed thirty.





“Simply exhaustion comes on me. Simply I got tired.”


   An office worker at the age of forty five calls the next candidate who is waiting to face an interview.




 “Good looking fair faced too young lady, perhaps a very fresher, still is, waiting now. Call her or not.”


“Yes call. See, what’s her qualification”?


 “Sir, you are a gentle man of refined taste. Please don’t be close to her. A   very good looking she is.


Calling bell of Leyland’s office rings.

The worker goes to call next interview

  A very enthusiastic too young lady appears with her documents of talent, kept under her channel file. She doesn’t cross twenty only. Her name is Diana.


                                                                            “May I come in Sir?”



                                                                                 “Yes, come in.”

                                               His lost heart comes awaken seeing her.



                                     In office, at the first time, is speaking closely with her.

(Speaking over)


                                  “Can you create massive and speculative design for me?”

                                                                 I/E LUXURIOUS OFFICE LEYLAND HAS.

 Diana impresses to his office



                                                 A great change comes in life of Leyland, he understands, love fills his heart. He realizes after few days.


 Office hour is over. Leyland proposes her modestly at the heart of office road.



“I love you. I dream for you.”


 Diana becomes speechless


 “I don’t love you. My marriage is fixed. He is Tom.  My relationship with u , is mismatched as you are a quite old aged to me as you have crossed your golden thirty.”


After that she leaves the job forever, and joins another office, is little far from Leyland’s office.



A rainy day, in the mid road in front of a lunch counter Diana stands aimlessly looking at the green. Many bad lookers gaze at her and make bad teases for her.



                          “O, save, me from honor killers.”

                    A car stops. Leyland comes from the car.





                                                                                “O, thank you. But we are mismatched.”


                                                                                     “Mention not.”



 It is bright evening. Stars glows with its full glitter. Marriage is held with Tom, a well known wealthy man of the place. Heart of the St. Peter Church gets a heavenly look. The heart of Leyland becomes again lost hearted.




Part II


  It is a very little distance from Leyland’s office, at the mid of the office road Tom’s mansion.  A very big building glows at the thousand of light in day and night without inhibition. But it is sad that Diana becomes the victim of Tom’s ignorance.  At wedding a party Diana’s all hours are misguided by Tom. Someone tries an attempt to rape but fails in front of Tom’s eyes. But protest is not there as the man is rich business partner of Tom.


 “What a loveless world you have! Here man is measured in term of money. No one think for other. I have to leave this world by any cost. I’ll return back my real love.”



                                      “Don’t go there. The blood will come from his body.”


“Do as you wish. I don’t listen you. You are not my love .”



                                      PART III

 A very glowing, neat and clean office Leyland has. Diana comes and clutches Leyland.




 “You’re my real love.”

 Leyland smiles and clutches her.




               The premise of the Cathedral church with greeting of rose and blesses of God and father two souls are united with holy marriage. In that premise Tom does bloody onsets but fails. They become winner. By bitter bite of luck Tom losses his   wealth and business of him goes through a big loss and is sunk forever. He decides to return back to USA.

 By  Parnashree Kundu


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