Two States One Love

Two States One Love

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Social Media Changed Their Life:

Once upon a time, there was a girl from Chennai and a boy from Uttar Pradesh. They met on a social media platform.

They both were in 9th class and became friends and started talking to each other everyday. No single day had passed, when they had not talked to each other.

As days passed, they became best friends and started liking each other so much.

They starting sharing everything with each other and some things that they couldn't tell anyone that also they shared with each other.

A very close bond had made between them that no one could break.

Happy Birthday:

The boy's birthday was about to come so one day the girl told him that, "Your birthday is coming na, I am so excited about that and I will give you a surprise but I don't know you will like it or not."

Then he said, "Yeah I will surely like it, don't worry but he thought about the surprise and was not sure," so he said, "Ok, I will wait till my birthday."

And finally the day for which both girl and boy were waiting, he was waiting because he was so curious to know what her surprise will be and she was waiting because she was too excited for his birthday and was waiting to give her surprise.

So on his day of birthday, he woke up at 7 in the morning and saw her message and tears started flowing down from his eyes and her message was, "Happy Birthday Dear, I love you! Will you marry me ?" What could be the better surprise than this on someone's birthday.

Unusual Case:

Usually boys propose girls but in their case it was different. The boy was shy and the girl was talkative.

It became their best day of life and with heart they exchanged their passwords too.

From then they both meant the world to each other and started talking 24 / 7 without getting bored because they were in love.

They started making future plans and she wanted to fulfill his all 5 dreams that he had. They decided everything how marriage will happen, where will it happen and when. You must be thinking it is not the age to think all these things but there is nothing wrong in that also if it is true and pure love.


In every couple's life, problems arrive; be it family problems, financial problems, and many more.

When they had grown up, they completed their college. Boy was in Chennai as he had promised her that he would come to Chennai for his higher studies.

When she saw him for the first time, she just hugged him so tightly and kissed him on his cheeks and boy also kissed her on her forehead.

Everything was going perfect but then rain of problems came, we say na that happiness doesn't stay for so long; in their case also same thing happened but God was there with them.

They knew just one thing that be it any problems but they will be together forever and ever even in the worst and toughest situations.

So like a perfect couple, they overcame every obstacle of problem that came in their road of love.


The most difficult part for the boy came to convince the girl's parents and it was even more difficult when her dad wanted a Tamilian boy for her daughter but remember one thing nothing is impossible in love life.

First he started talking to her dad in a friendly manner and her dad started liking him but if he would be a Tamilian then the impression would have been more better.

After many days and boy's hardwork, her dad got convinced at last and he was so excited that he used to say that, "Yes, now our dream will come true and our marriage will happen."

They both were so excited because their most beautiful dream was going to be true and as she said to wear lungi and kurta (a south Indian wedding dress for boys) .

The marriage was happening in a temple where she wanted to be and lots of roses were there and in the background music their favourite song 'kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega jaise main karta hu' was playing.

The Last Chapter Of Life:

Their life was becoming more and more happier day by day. They both were very understanding and decided earlier only that after 1 year of marriage they will have kids and his dream was to have a baby girl.

After 2 years, they heard the best news of their life - their daughter was born and tears did not stop from their eyes. He just hugged his wife and kissed on her forehead.

Some years later, their second daughter and a son was born. They got them as they wanted a perfect family; what more can anybody want.

All the problems that they had were shattered when their gems were born and they lived their life happily ever after.

The End.

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