My Love Story Without Breakup.

My Love Story Without Breakup.

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Hello, my name is Sanjeev Kumar Singh. Today , I am going to share my true love story. My girlfriend's name was/is sona. When I was in graduation 1st year and she was in class 10th, I saw her first time in the School. She was my friend's friend. I get to know about her and I contacted her through whatsapp. Here, the unbroken love story starts.

We both fell in true love in 1 week and after that one day she told me that she didn't want to be with me because I already have a girlfriend. I was very shocked to hear because she trusted on someone else which was not true at all. At that time I cried for her and I made her believe that only she was in my life and no other can come. She again accepted me. All these conversations were done on whatsapp and phone calls.

After two months, we decided to meet on 15 august 2014. Actually, she bunked the school first time because of me. We went to restaurant to share our feelings with each other. Our bond of love became stronger and stronger day by day without sex. After two years when I completed my graduation, for further study I came to Dehradun for MBA. At that time she became very sad. I was also sad but for my studies I am here in Dehradun.

Because of long distance relationship it was difficult to manage time and talk to her in my tough schedule of MBA. At that time, my mobile broke and I told her that my phone was broken. And she thought that I am busy that's why I am just giving her a reason. 😢

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