What I Want!

What I Want!

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So this is a story of a young boy named Agam. He is quite stubborn at times. Usually this stubbornness leads him into a messy situation. He is quite ambitious, but doesn’t know what to do for his dream career. He lives in two extremes i.e. sometimes he is totally happy and the other second he is totally sad. He loves to watch romantic movies rather than the action ones. He has a dream that he will marry the love of his life. Though, there is no one in his life, but he wants someone to be there. He always thinks about himself and his companion, whenever he sees something romantic happening near him. To a certain extent he is of reserve nature and can’t express his emotions. But the emotion of love, always rules him. Sana is a girl as beautiful as a princess. She lives her life to the fullest. She is bold, strong and independent. She loves to explore new things and likes to socialize with new persons. She is ambitious and very well focused for her career. She is humble, caring, calm and composed. She is the perfect companion for anyone. Her qualities show her upbringing and her family values. She loves to try new cuisine and travel to different places.

She is not of reserve nature and can express herself very well. She also loves the idea of being loved! Agam was in his higher senior secondary school, when he and his friend Karthik went to his former teacher, Ruchi maam. She was wife of an Indian Air Force officer. When they both went there i.e. the Air force cantonment area, they were amazed by the infrastructure and discipline. That place was like heaven for Agam. They interacted with the teacher and cherished few memories. When they left, Ag am collected few new things that were not only the memories, but his dream career. That was it! He will join the armed forces, especially The Indian Army. Few months later he gave NDA exam. Though he couldn’t clear it, but still he got to learn something new. After that he took admission in of the best college of the city. He was pursuing a course slightly different from that of Sana. So the first time Agam saw Sana, he was mesmerised by her beauty. Her long hair was like a waterfall, her eyes were shinning, her skin was glowing like the stars etc. He couldn’t imagine if it was true or not, so he told his friends to pinch him. As they say that everything in this world is in the hands of the almighty, so was this cute little story too!

Few weeks after they meet, and they both were pleased to talk to each other. Their friendship became stronger and stronger. They had few memories which were so adorable. They couldn’t realise when their course ended. Agam joined the Indian army and Sana went for her masters. Agam didn’t had the guts to talk to her for asking her to marry him. So he thought of leaving that all in the hands of time. Though for the few years they were in contact of each other. But he had to convey her about getting married. So he invited her family to an army exhibition and gave them the opportunity to see those things personally so close at that level. He was thinking that if it would be wrong to propose her at that moment. But then he closed his eyes and the only thought c ame to his mind was that ‘I will probably regret what I am doing right now, but if I don’t do it, I will regret it for the rest of my life!’ he proposed two love of his life were present there. her, while they were surrounded by huge army trucks and tanks. It was a dream come true for him as the love of his life was present there.

She agreed, but her parents didn’t. When asked about it, they said that it can’t be possible as the faith of two families is different. Agam was a Hindu, and Sana was a Sikh by faith. Then something strange happen ed, Agam got up and told to her parents that how much he loves her. When for the first time he saw her, he was having only one dream i.e. was to join the Indian army. But, now he has another dream to marry her. He has achieved the first dream and now wants second one. to achieve the He wants to give every happiness of this world to her. He has a dream that, she will travel with him all over India wherever he is posted. He has a dream that she will accompany him, whenever, he will receive any medal for bravery or courage, by the President at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. He has a dream of bringing the stars down on earth and let them shine more on his shoulders, with her being beside him. He has a dream that she becomes the first lady of the cantonment area, whenever he is promoted to the rank of Commanding Officer. He said that he doesn’t require anything from her apart from courage, because of the nature of the job of Agam. He told he is not attracted to any materialistic thing. He said that it is perfect for him to keep the long hair after the marriage. He said that if we are going to see only the negative things, we won’t be able to come any conclusion as one! Her parents insisted that the religion is different; he told them that in army, we firmly believe in God. There is a pandit who does the work of a maulvi, a maulvi of a granthi, a granthi of a father and so on. He told that it would be great to learn about different religion too. Finally they agreed, but almighty had other plans. Agam was posted in J&K. he had to be there for 3 months. Everyone was worried. But Agam knew that, the almighty can’t separate them and he came back safely. Now they got married and when they shifted to the cantonment area where Agam’s next posting was there. All of his academy happily lived together. Friends played a prank on her. Welcome to the Indian Army! After that they happily lived together.

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