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A Dream To Die For
A Dream To Die For

© Nikitha Chilukuri

Action Inspirational Thriller

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There is something really beautiful about this place- The Himalayas. They not only help in conquering yourself but also how beautiful success can be after crossing various hardships of life.

Oh!! By the way I am Vikram Mehra, an India Army Officer, standing here on a mission to check that my country people are safe from dangers around this holy land.

As I was admiring the peaks of the Himalayas and enjoying my morning coffee, we get notified by the commander that the Pakistan army have conquered the Himalayas and are heading towards Kashmir. Listening to this news everyone of us panicked but made sure that fear is not shown either in our words or actions. The commander planned that a special team of 7-8 members will be leading towards the Himalayas behind and kill them whereas the other members will be attacking the Pakistan army from the front, diverting them. Without any hesitation, I along with 7 of my friends- Shekhar, Raju, Vivek, Arjun, Laksh, Vicky and Bharath formed the special team that is lead by me and took an oath to strive for the mission completion as long as we survive. With the few weapons we could get in our hands, we headed towards the Mountains.

With the execution of plan bringing eerie thoughts in our mind, we embarked our journey towards the highest peaks of the world- The Himalayas. As the climate was trying to defeat us, we emerged strong in our journey. On our route to our shock, one of the Pakistani soldier shot Shekhar as he saw us heading towards the Himalayas. I took my gun and immediately shot him as there was a risk of him informing others which could spoil our mission. Even though tears were rolling out of my eyes looking at Shekhar, as a captain of the team I chose to lead than to weep therefore leaving behind 2 of my team mates to take Shekhar to the camp safely and the rest 5 of us continuing with the journey.

Every step of ours was filled with hesitation and doubt but all of us tried to overcome it with smile on our face and confidence pumping in our hearts.

Climbing the Himalayas was the most difficult task. With uneven rocks and dangerous slopes ahead, every step of ours needed to be taken with a lot of thought process as every step counts either towards the victory or towards danger. We had to climb very carefully as the Pakistan Army was resting in the Himalayas constantly attacking our camp sites.

At last, we succeeded in climbing the Himalayas and as soon as our vision spotted the Pakistan Army, we took our weapons without and delay and shot them. They immediately responded to our attack and started shooting but it was too late as the damage is already done. Even though in this process Raju and Vivek got injured on their knees, the determination in everyone's eyes remained consistent and all these eyes looked at me with a hope to hoist the flag and inform the commander about the success of this mission.

As I took out the flag, flashes of my childhood came into my mind. I still remember when I was a kid people around use to constantly keep asking me about a dream tat I can even die for. But today, as I see our Indian flag wavering in the air with pride,I feel I got the answer to this question. I have at last found a dream, a dream that I could die for..

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