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Breaking Bad (Season 6)
Breaking Bad (Season 6)

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Action Thriller

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Recap from Season 5 last episode-

We Saw saul moving away with changing identity. Mr. White took his revenge by killing his old enemies and saving Jesse Pinkman from Todd and his uncle. At the end we saw something which hurted all of us. Yes we all saw Mr. White die but the question is did that really happen?? What will happen to money left by walt?? How will life go for skyler??

So guys here we go....................................

After 10 Years ..................

(Scene at their home)

A very cute lil girl came out of her room asking for breakfast to her mummy. Her mom’s in the kitchen preparing the breakfast for her kids. Skyler shouts and ask Walter white Jr. to come out for breakfast and get ready to go for his job.

Skyler- Jr. Holly and I are gonna eat up everything if you don’t come soon.

Holly- Yeah mommy (with a cute lil voice)

Jr. – I am coming wait…

We all see Jr. Coming down from the stairs without any problem with his legs.Yes the money which walt left for them they used it for his treatment . Jr. Sits on a chair an teases her sister a lil. He has grown up to be a great big man. He’s wearing the DEA uniform. Yes after death of his uncle hank and his treatment he was so eager to join the DEA and hurt these addicts so badly.

Skyler- Aren’t you late for the work

Holly- He’s lazy mom

Jr. – Shut up kiddo. Yeah mom i am late.I was up all night working on the case.

Skyler- Do you have any leads

Jr. –Let’s not discuss here(pointing towards holly)

Holly- Mommy can I go to my friend’s home today for playing with dolls

Skyler- Yeah sweety ... Your brother will drop you and pick you .

Jr. – No i won’t take her with me (Holly looking sad) ...... I was kidding kiddo. Get ready

They have hided all the stuff from holly till now about her father and she has no idea about what kind of men he was

Holly- I wish daddy was here(JR. and skyler both exchanging sad looks)

So JR. leaves the house with holly drops her to her friend by kissing on her forehead.He then moves towards his office.

The moment he enters his office a guy comes to him and says that boss wanna meet him as soon as possible. He went inside the office where a guy with dark complexion, great body features was sitting.

Unknown- So Flynn what are the updates about case .we found 4 dead bodies yesterday again with same blue meth.we gotta know who’s still manufacturing it and selling it in the market.

Flynn- Mr cooper i have working day and night on all the cases of Blue meth and I haven’t find a single link among them. There’s too much evidence on each and every crime scene it’s like each and every crime is put up just to misguide us.

Cooper- I don’t know anything .you are in-charge for this. I just want results .we have already wasted a lot of money in it .If you can’t do it I will give the charge to Rex. She’s hell bent on working this case.

Flynn- So why don’t she help me instead

Cooper- Ask herself

A very hot and sexy agent enters the room and

Flynn’s mouth is just open

Rex- I don’t work with losers


Cooper- I give you one more get me anything any lead and this case will remain yours.

Rex and Flynn leaves the office with a close eye glares and move towards their cabins. Flynn get to his work

A new scene begins with a meth lab. A man sitting facing his back wearing a hat in total darkness and coughs. Two men enter the scene.

Men1 – The job is done .we have fooled them again.

Men 2 – It was quite easy

Man in Hat – And nobody followed you??( Walt’s voice)

Men1 – No sir

Walt- (He gets up and praises them )Great work my shining stars Badger and Pete. (Coughs) You will never let this business down

Skinny Pete’s no more skinny .He’s the right hand of Walt .But wait from where Walt is alive .He was dead .Police found his body.So what is this we are seeing here . Let’s head back to the gray matter technologies of which Walt was one of the founder. We saw that Elliot and Gretchen donates a huge amount of money to help the victims of blue meth. But that was all Elliot’s and Mr white’s plan. Elliot was so eager to go on the path where Walt entered when he saw his success.They made Elliot a clear image in front of society. Walt has developed an organic substance which will freeze your breathe and heart rate and will make it look like you are dead. So when police found Walt dead he was not actually dead there.He was shot too but that was also all planned to make it look more real in reality he was wearing a vest to safe himself and the blood which we saw was also fake. They took him to a vehicle and were moving on a bridge when a truck came from nowhere which Badger and Pete were driving and Walt’s body drowned in the river. Everyone thought that he’s dead they were not able to find his body due to the bad weather conditions at that time. Meanwhile Elliot helped Walt along with badger and skinny Pete. They helped him fight cancer once again and he was back in business but this time he was operating within gray matter technologies instead of Los Pollos chicken. They had a underwater lab for their work. (I know I have missed so many details here but guys if your responses are positive for this i’ll surely put up the great show ahead). After few days they found a body which was totally damaged due to water and they presumed that it was the body of Walter white.It was too damaged so they didn't even try to go for autopsy for confirming whether it is Walt or not . The next day newspaper stated that the famous Heisenberg is dead and police has found his body.

So we were in the lab where Elliot enters and ask Pete and badger to go

Elliot- Hello old man. You are dying now .We had to go for other options.

Mr. White- No I already said no to that option. Why don’t you understand(in a cold voice)

Elliot- there’s only one who can produce the same quality of meth just like you and you also know it walt and much more to convince him

Mr.White – Okay send a search party for Jesse .Let’s find the son of bitch and see where he’s hiding

Scene change to DEA office where Flynn is working his ass hard and he has understood that all these cases are put up there for them. He thinks let not dig for abnormal things. Let’s see for something too normal .He took out all the information regarding each and every new business registered in Albuquerque. He started putting way normal businesses on wallboard and after a huge time period finally lost hope and start moving towards home as everybody has already left other then Rex. They both leave together .Rex’s car doesn’t start .

Flynn- Will You keep hitting the engine or are you gonna come in??

Rex- I’ll die but will never go with you

Flynn- Whatever suits you best

(a voice from behind ...wait.....)

Flynn smiles and stops the car . she enters in

He picks her sister up from her friend’s house. Now REX, Holly and Flynn are in the car

Holly- Is she your girlfriend?? she’s pretty

Mutual voice(NO Way....)

Holly keeps her mouth shut for the whole path.

They both came to home. Flynn as always went straight to his all tired and frustrated. He asks his mom to send dinner in the room. Something strike his mind and he immediately opens his laptop. He found something suspicious about this boat club in the city. He saw that there’s always someone nearby on the cctv surveillance clips. He sees that Elliot often visits that boat club. sometimes even in night (although he’s the owner also but still this thing didn't let him sleep for whole night and next day he decides to go there himself as a detective.

Next episode Precaps(if positive replies from you guys for this episode)- they finds jesse working as a lab assistant in a chemistry lab in a school and he also have a kid with him .he got this job through some contacts .He’s too away from Albuquerque. We see that Flynn charges on that Boat Club along with his team and it ends finally with a gun shot ......................................

fan fiction meth adventure

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