My Father's House

My Father's House

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I was an infant, barely three months old when my father divorced my mother – without notice. My father was in the Indian Army and was posted at Dehradun. My mother was sent home to Imphal for a few days vacation during which time my father began to live-in with another woman. There was no going back to my father's house ever since.

My mom lived a widow's life without alimony or any financial support. My mom could only manage to provide a meal or two, and before the month ended our rice bag would get exhausted. Born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I was denied of such a life early before I could even realize the meaning of living on a gravy train. I had an elder sister too. My mom raised both of us living on a wing and a prayer. We grew up not seeing our mother smile for days together; only tears of sorrow and pain not worth a mention. Though torn apart herself, she ensured her children at least had a morsel to chew. Education was still at large.

God intervened soon into our lives. My mother was eventually baptized into the Seventh-Day-Adventist truth. Since then my mother has only trusted and sought help from the Lord almighty. And I can say that God has never backed out till this day. Troubles and trials continued but my sister and I managed to get into school. My mom began doing some odd jobs at a local printing press to support us. Not once in life did she show any remorse for the past.

Some years later, when I learnt about my father(I believed he had died in a battle; that's what my mother told me), I went to stay at my father's house to support myself. He kept me till I finished my 10th grade. But it was no more 'my father's house'; it was a step-mother's house. I trained myself to swallow disappointments many times because I needed an education. Once during one of my uncles' funeral gathering, someone lost an expensive wrist watch. Everyone blamed it on me. I was in shock, but had no proof to justify my innocence. I was sent back to live with my mother. Entire community believed I was a thief. It was difficult to raise my head high and walk. We lived a hush-hush life in a small hut. Everyone seemed to look down on us. But I believed God knew the truth. I had read in the Bible about so many beautiful promises. So I did not quit.

My mom taught and gave me only one thing; a lesson of living a prayerful life. To depend on no other but God. Every Sabbath I rose up and early before anyone else, went to the church and poured out my heart to God. I asked God to help me survive so I could someday someway prove I wasn't a thief - if something happened, or if I died, it would be accepted that I was punished for my sins.

I contemplated on Bible verses close to me- Psalms 50: Our mighty God is a God of justice.

Psalms 51: Have mercy upon me, O God, according to your unfailing love.

Psalms 57: for in You I take refuge...I am in the midst of lions; I am forced to dwell among ravenous beasts – men whose tongues are sharp swords.

These verses helped me build confidence and courage. I grew up with only one thought in my mind; to serve in God's vineyard. Giving up was not the answer- trying or being persistent could endow results. But my mom began to lose her health and grew very feeble below her hips. I had to support myself. I joined work and earned for my higher education. My sister finished her 12th grade despite all odds and went to Rajamundry to pursue a training in General Nursing. My classmates joined good colleges in town and some out of town. I somehow completed my college studies later in Science with Zoology honors. Quoting Matt. 7:7 I asked God for help. It felt like giving up but I had to prove myself so I kept praying and I came across a missionary team that was coming to Spicer. I packed my baggage and joined them clueless about the future. I landed in Spicer College and did my enrichment. I believe it was God’s leading. I thank God for His endless support. I am happy that I am a graduate. I am married and am serving in God's mission. When my life is done I wish to go to my Father's House which Christ has gone to prepare for me.

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