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Purest Emotion
Purest Emotion

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Mehul and Jasraj were fast friends. They had been working in same organisation since eight years. They enjoyed each other company formally and non- formally. Everything was going on smoothly ,God knows who cursed their friendship. Suddenly They began animosity against each other. This started with Mehul desire to be best performer of the month, later on issues add on and now two buddies were bud for each other. There was no such valid reason for such behavior but lack of patience and their bad time consequence this. They worked with in development sector for quality education at Dwarka.

They spent nine months with same organisation with strange acquaintance that they knew each other very well ,without intention support each other but directly they did not talk. They felt uneasy in such unfriendly environment but there big nose came between two dudes.

Jasraj applied another organisation for his career growth opportunity, he gave Mehul’s name as reference person because he knew very well no other person didn’t knew about him so perfectly as Mehul. He tried to write another person name and in his mind that name was but when he applied unknowingly on the reference column Mehul took placed. After filling form he afraid thinking about negative results but he chose this strange negativity. So Mehul got call from new organisation inquiring about Jasraj , now he had a chance to punch Jasraj and took his revenge. He would think about it and waited for a chance, he had a single most desire to make feel down to Jasraj. This call gave a huge opportunity to Mehul and here Mehul could have spit his anger against Jasraj. Fortunately Wait was over and Mehul got chance. Rida (HR) called him and asked about Jasraj work culture , Mehul replied that Jasraj was a gem of our organisation and remained consecutively three time best performer of month, he could work in typical situations and produce positive results an odd situations also.

He wondered on his behavior ,why did he praise Jasraj? Why did he loss the chance to get opportunity? He frustrated on himself that he planned everything that if he got chance ,he would never miss that opportunity but he spoke only his heart voice when he received call from HR.

He was sitting in a cafe and waited for coffee and puzzled on his behavior. Someone gave call him but he was in his dilemma so not response to it . Now Manali patted on his back and asked,” where were you lost dear?”

oh , Manali ,I just thought something ,leave it , let us take a cup of coffee.

Oh, sure, by the way I am telling you something, last month strangely your report remained held on my table, when I re organised my table then I found that your report was attached with attendance register then I submitted to Sir. When I submitted it, your name was in the defaulter list.

She was speaking continuously but now Mehul moved on without listening any word further.

Please enjoy the coffee ,now I felt relief, laughed it out, he stood and paid bill and started walked in street with sweet tears in his eyes.

He was happy now that he did good and did not take wrong decision in hatred feelings. Mehul perhaps became loser but friendship won.

There was a rule in their organisation to select every month “best performer of the month” based on three criteria like 1) timely report submission 2) Number of session facilitated 3) Number of case study submission . Jasraj was winning consecutively two months this prize. Mehul was just short every time because of his wrong estimation about number of case study and session facilitation. In beginning of the month they planned equally five case study and five sessions each month etc but as per field situation and need based one can make more case study and increase his sessions also. So Jasraj was winning through working in such uncertain conditions. Mehul contacted Jasraj about his planning ,Jasraj informed that there was no such plan to make more case study but at the end of month each time number of case study were more than Mehul. Jasraj simply explained that at the last moment he faced such and such case and had to prepare these case studies.

Mehul gave his report for submission in office to Jasraj because he had to go Rajkot to attend family function. Unfortunately Jasraj put both reports ( Mehul and himself) on the table of cluster manager but when office assistant collected attendance register from the table she lifted Mehul’s report along with register. This month Jasraj name again displayed on the notice board as a “best performer of the month”. Mehul was surprised and investigated the reason for not selected this time in spite of all his effort. He got to know that his report didn’t reach to cluster manager so his name was on the notice board but on the another list – for those who were not submitted report on time . He made weird story in his mind against Jasraj without knowing the truth. Jasraj explained that I put both report on his table together , perhaps Mehul’s report got misplaced so I could not receive this month award , Mehul was real worthy for it. Cluster manager became impressed with such generosity of Jasraj and didn’t change his decision. Mehul was not there at that time because he was on leave for attending family function. When he returned He saw notice board only not the story behind it.

Mehul and Jasraj both felt proud on their friendship and felt anger on their stupidity but still no words to each other. They met but there were tears mixed with happiness, purest emotion where words doesn’t have any space.

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