How I Started to Cycle

How I Started to Cycle

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My name is Medhansh Dwivedi and I am 6 plus years old. I like to ride my cycle and go out with my friends but this was not the case always!

When I was an infant I was given small cycle with four wheels and I used to ride on the street near my house. I started to grow big and cycle started to become small for me. My Nani who live in Kolkata got me new cart that I could ride and then I was not spending that much time playing or riding my cycle.

Couple of birthday's pass by and my daddy's closest friend gifted me a cycle that was big and had two small wheels along with the big one. As we used to live on first floor, I used to keep my cycle in gallery and every time I needed it somebody would get it down for me to ride.

I did not get much time to ride it as the street had cars, scooters and other things that would pass by making me feel scared. I could not take my cycle to park as it would trouble the people walking and I did have to always say "side please.." "tring ... tring...!"

So, for long time I would just play downstairs with other toys but not ride cycle that much. It would gather dust which daddy would get cleaned. After some years that cycle became small but I wanted a new one now! Mumma got Daddy to buy me a new one. it was a good looking with bells and whistle and I like it a lot... but could not ride it as the streets were busy...

One day daddy told us that we were changing house and we were going to a new place where there will be lot of kids, more space to ride bicycle and play! I was excited that it is going to be more fun!

We moved and I made new friends. All my friends but wanted to ride a bicycle which I also did with them but on four wheels! I did not like that. they would take my bicycle and I would run behind it while they would enjoy. I told Mumma that I don't like bicycle. because I could not ride it on two wheels. My daddy did try to teach me but he could not! I stopped loving my bicycle.

There was one friend by name of Ruhan, who then started to teach me how to ride his bicycle and slowly I started to learn again. And one day I started to paddle fast by myself without falling! I took two rounds. I took two more and it was such a fun. Ruhan & I along with other friends ran to our house. shouting. I did it. I did it ... My parents were surprised what happened ...

I then also learned how to ride my own bicycle and my daddy remove the small wheels as well. I could ride freely my bicycle... I did the "Impossible. I made it "possible"

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