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Vikas Bhatt

Abstract Tragedy


Vikas Bhatt

Abstract Tragedy

A Cry From The Wordless

A Cry From The Wordless

2 mins 436 2 mins 436

Did you not come to me...

In search of peace and solitude

For pacifying your worldly despair

In search of stillness and calm

For ridding your urban cacophonies

In search of beauty and grandeur

For pleasing your sore eyes

In search of burbles and chirps

For smoothening your inner turmoil

In search of freshness and fragrance

For revitalizing your aging youth

In search of food and shelter

For sustaining your mortal existence

In search of pasture and fodder

For appeasing your domestic pets

In search of permanence and longevity

For realizing your transitory presence

In search of happiness and optimism

For sustaining your losing hope

In search of aim and objective

For forging your feeble spirit

In search of vim and vigor

For bolstering your fading enthusiasm

In search of courage and resolve

For restoring your wavering faith

In search of rectitude and wisdom

For steering your fallacious judgment

In search of life and freedom

For liberating your bridled being

In search of birth and start

For researching your elapsed time

In search of soul and solace

For appeasing your troubled self

In search of yourself and nothing

For returning your lost track

In search of me and everything

For baring your Mother Nature


You did.

Did I ever blame you...

When you plucked the beautiful blossoms from my bosom

When you crushed the abundant greens under your feet

When you erased my lush green covers and burnt them for your joy and warmth

When you shaved my skin and turned it into an aesthetic lawn

When you demolished my parts to erect your edifices

When you uprooted my embellishments for your fancy furnishings

When you dug in me to pave way for your mobility

When you carved passages out of me for your explorations

When you imposed your colossal designs of architecture upon my chest

When you filled me with the obsolete rot of your creations

When you defiled my airs and waters with smoke and waste

When you changed the status of species from ‘enjoying life’ to ‘extinct’


No, I didn’t.

It hurt and it still does. But I uttered naught.

I don't keep account of your countless deeds.

All I earnestly ask is


Why you did what you did the way you did it?

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